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300 Series - Linen Carts, Specialty Carts, Isolation Cart Stations

Three Shelf Linen Cart

MJM's Superior Linen Carts Are Shipped Knocked Down® To Save On Freight

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MJM Advantages

Healthcare Grade, All Casters Are Reinforced, Flat Shelves Provide Full Usable Shelf Space, Velcro Closure, Ergonomic Handles Help Reduce Wrist Injuries.

Cart Cover Advantages:
• Breathable Standard Mesh Is Flame Resistant, Mildew Resistance And High Tear And Tensile Strength
• All Solid Vinyl Fabrics Are Antimicrobial, Flame Resistant, High Tear And Tensile Strength And Excellent Cleanability

• Shelf Size: 20” x 45”
• Length With Handles: 52.75”
• Height With Casters: 65”
• Width: 20”
• Height Between Shelves: 16”
• Carrying Capacity Per Shelf: 125 lbs
• Deluxe Casters: 4” Twin
• Shipped: UPS

• Box: 21 x 19 x 48
• Weight: 58 lbs
• Carrier: UPS

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5" Twin Brake Caster

3" Total Lock Caster

5" Total Lock Caster